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The Clopay Portfolio Line of overhead garage doors is prolific, covering five series of door stylings from contemporary through the craftsman and coach house door types. Three of the collections shown below offer insulation R-Values ranging from R-6.3 to R-17.2. The construction materials range from aluminum and glass and faux wood to steel. The maintenance on this entire line of door styling collections is in the low category.

Some of the Clopay Portfolio Line collections can be structurally enhanced for wind-load requirements implemented by states such as Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Utah, Nevada and California. As can be seen from the photos shown below in each collection, there is excellent choice of styling available to meet the needs of any home exterior design.

The Avante™ Collection

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Clopay Avante Door Collection

The Avante Collection from Clopay Garage Doors is the perfect choice to modernize any home needing contemporary door styling. With a 2.125" thick rust-proof aluminum frame and thirteen window options for varying degrees of light transmission versus privacy — or solid aluminum panels, all available in seven standard colors including Ultra-grain woodgrain prints. This concept not only transforms garages, it can also be utilized as an interior loft partition or patio door to seemlessly merge the outdoors into your home living spaces.

The Canyon Ridge® Collection

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Clopay Canyon Ridge Door Collection

The Canyon Ridge Collection from Clopay Garage Doors is a grouping that meets the rustic needs of homeowners with chalet type architectural styling. Constructed from five-layers of steel + insulation +steel + cladding +overlay in faux wood finish it offers up to 2" of polyurethane foam onsulation for an R-Rvalue of R-19.2. The swing-out appearance of these doors is perfect for that Old World look and feel. Available in over 200 unique style options they are sure to give any home that one-of-a-kind custom appearance. Factory finishes include medium, dark and white finishes and they can also come primed for field staining. Essentially, these doors are indistinguishable from real wood doors — even up close.

The Coachman® Collection

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Clopay Coachman Door Collection

The Coachman® Collection from Clopay Garage Doors is a grouping that will meet the very needs of homeowners with that Arts and Crafts bungalow style home. Available in 1-3/8" and 2" thick versions, this collection is constructed from four-layer insulated steel + composite materials with R-Values ranging from R-6.5 to R- 9.0. They are available in eleven basic design patterns with optional windows and decorative hardware stylings. The collection features over 100 unique styling combinations and is WindCode rating available. They have that swing-out appearance with overhead garage door operation.

The Gallery® Collection

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Clopay Gallery Door Collection

The Gallery® Collection from Clopay Garage Doors is a grouping that offers the homeowner with Spanish Mission Style architectural styling a door that will fit the overall scheme. Available in 2 or 3-layer sandwich steel construction or non-insulated 2" steel frame. This collection can achieve R-Values up to R-17.2. There are many hardware and window design options with this Clopay Portfolio Line collection and it can be had in five factory finished paint colors or Ultra-grain stained wood look shown in the photo here. These doors can be structurally fitted for WindCode rating.

The Grand Harbor® Collection

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Clopay Grand Harbor Door Collection

The Grand Harbor® Collection from Clopay Garage Doors is exactly what the homeowner with a craftsman style home will want. This collection is epitome of classic charm and curb appeal. They have the swing-out appearance of the craftsman era with the overhead operation to meet todays needs. Constructed from wood-grain embossed 24-gauge steel with 2" steel frame and a composite overlay they are available insulated up to R-6.3 or non-insulated. They come in three series and six different designs with optional windows and decorative hardware. They have four factory finished paint colors to choose from. The collection can be structurally fitted for WindCode rating.

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