"Have You Looked Into Installing
Clopay Classic Line Garage Doors?"

The Clopay Classic Line of overhead garage doors is the economic choice of many builders and contractors because of the high value/cost ratio these doors provide. The door product has those classic lines so essential to curb appeal that do not distract from the overall architectural theme — yet compliment it in a non-intrusive way. The three series shown below have two categories that can be insulated with R-Values up to R-6.3 and R-17.2 The maintenance on all three series in this line is rated as low.

This series of doors will provide years of low maintenance service on either new construction or as replacement doors for and existing residential garage and are an ideal choice for the DIY weekend warrior as replacement doors. They come factory finished and ready to install with numerous color choices.

The Premium Series

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Clopay Premium Door Series

The Premium Series from Clopay Garage Doors shown at the left is available in a 1-3/8" or 2" thick version constructed from galvanized pre-painted steel that is bonded and molded to polystyrene or polyurethane insulation for exceptional rugged durability, energy efficiency, strength, and quiet operation. Depending upon which thickness you choose, they can provide R-Values ranging from R-6.6 up to R-17.2. They are available in eight factory finish paint colors and have three panel designs and optional window patterns to choose from. This series has many options to fit your budget and enhance your homes curb appeal. The Premium Seies is rated as best in the Classic Line.

The Value Plus Series

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Clopay Value Plus Door Series

The Value Plus Series from Clopay Garage Doors shown at the left is constructed from insulated three-layer sandwich steel construction and is 2" thick. It provides insulation R-Values of R-4.4 up to R-6.3. This door series exhibits exceptional quiet operation. They are available in five factory finish paint colors — or can be custom painted at your job site to match your homes exact color scheme. They also have three panel designs and optional window patterning to choose from. The interior of each door in this series is finished with vinyl backed insulation for a clean interior appearance. The Value Plus Seies is rated as better in the Classic Line.

The Value Series

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Clopay Value Door Series

The Value Series from Clopay Garage Doors shown at the left is composed of single-layer, non-insulated steel frame construction that offers the homeowner an attractive, affordable and reliable overhead garage door for residential use. It was named Consumers Digest "best Buy" in 2008. It is available as a flush panel door or in two and four panel sections. This series is offered in five factory paint finishes or you can custom paint it on your job site to match your homes exterior color scheme. It has window options available for that custom appearance. The Value Series is rated as good in the Classic Line.

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We have been following your blog and we have found a lot of useful information in it.

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I was pleased that I was able to easily find the proper tall storage cabinet for my garage. I needed lockable storage to keep my toddler away from sharp tools and solvents that my husband stores. Garagetips-101 solved my problem!

Renee M.

I love the detail in your garage building pages. They helped me understand how to engineer a foundation for a garage we are planning that our building department will approve. I had the inspector go to your pages and review what I was talking about. Now, I am studying the wall framing sections, as we plan to build it ourselves this fall. Thank you so much for the great information.

Des Moines, IA

Great stuff on wall framing. I never really understood the on-and-off spacing concepts for the wall studs until I read your explanations.

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