"Is Cheap Insurance
The Best Insurance?"

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When it comes to cheap insurance, you have to be very careful so as not to end up like CheapSkate Charlie losing everything including the shirt off your back. There is a definite and prudent approach to selecting the proper insurance coverage. If you get the factors all correct — then the cheap insurance quote can be the best insurance quote.

The basic approach is to write down all of the coverage categories you need and the amounts of insurance coverage you desire in each category. Then you need to determine what amount of deductible you are willing to bear the liability on for those portions of coverage that require, or generally apply, a deductible.

These are your starting points to successful insurance shopping leading to getting the best possible premium quote for the coverage you need and desire. Other key factors that play into this approach are as follows:

◆ The overall reputation of the insurance companies you will be receiving quotes from.

◆ Your record and reputation as an insurance risk.

◆ The claims settlement reputation of the insurance companies you will be receiving quotes from.

Once you have your list of insurance coverages and deductibles put down on paper you should do some research on the above key factors to gather a list of insurance company names that you will seek quotes from. Contact their local agents and fax or email them your list of desired coverages and deductibles. Try to get quotes from about four to five different companies.

Tell the agents that you want a written quote mailed to you. If they only want to give you a quote in person remove them from your list. The in-person-quote is a sales tactic designed by the home office marketing gurus to get their foot in your door. It will usually come complete with a canned sales-pitch and most likely some high-pressure tactics to get you to decide on the spot.

You don't want any of this. What you need are written insurance quotes that you can calmly compare in the privacy of your own home without any high-pressure sales tactics accompanying the quote to get you to act on the spot.

Once you have at least three quotes for the insurance coverage and deductibles you specified, then compare the premium costs to determine who is giving you the best insurance coverage for the buck.

Garage Tips: Don't be afraid to include insurance companies on your list that are regional in nature and don't advertise a lot on television or the print media. Their lack of advertising budgets is often reflected in very competitive rate quotes. The companies that advertise the most will have the highest premiums coupled with gimmicks such as rebate checks for no claims, etc. Don't fall for that! Advertising is expensive and the policyholders pay for every penny of what is being advertised to them.

Only after you have completed the above described efforts will you find the cheap insurance that is the best insurance for your needs and requirements. Happy Shopping!

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We have been following your blog and we have found a lot of useful information in it.

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I was pleased that I was able to easily find the proper tall storage cabinet for my garage. I needed lockable storage to keep my toddler away from sharp tools and solvents that my husband stores. Garagetips-101 solved my problem!

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I love the detail in your garage building pages. They helped me understand how to engineer a foundation for a garage we are planning that our building department will approve. I had the inspector go to your pages and review what I was talking about. Now, I am studying the wall framing sections, as we plan to build it ourselves this fall. Thank you so much for the great information.

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Great stuff on wall framing. I never really understood the on-and-off spacing concepts for the wall studs until I read your explanations.

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